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General Ingram Micro Return Policy


Ingram Micro returns are divided into two categories:

No Fault Returns & Faulty Returns.

Customers must return product(s) to Ingram Micro with the Ingram Micro RA number clearly written on a removable label on the outside of the shipping carton(s). This number must not be directly written on the carton.

Returns should be sent to:

Ingram Micro Returns Department
22-24 Wonderland Drive
Eastern Creek NSW 2766

The receiving dock operates between 8:00am and 5:00pm EST Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

All products must be returned in complete set with original packaging and must be received by Ingram Micro's distribution centre within 30 days after RA number is issued.

Ingram Micro recommends that product returned by post should be sent by registered or certified mail. Ingram Micro accepts no responsibility for loss or damage occurring in transit.

Customer must obtain a valid RA number(s) authorised by Ingram Micro RA team for all returned product(s). If the RA number can not be identified, or if the Product does not match the RA details provided by the Customer in terms of either quantity, Ingram Micro product code or product serial number, Ingram Micro may reject the returned product at the Ingram Micro RA dock and return it to the Customer at the Customer's expense.

For all returned product(s), customer must maintain a copy of the proof of delivery or consignment information to confirm delivery in case of future queries. 


No Fault  Returns Procedure


The following provisions will apply in respect of the return of products by the customer to Ingram Micro in accordance with clause 9 of the Customer Terms:

Acceptance of all non-faulty returns will be at the discretion of Ingram Micro and each request will be assessed on a case by case basis. Ingram Micro reserves the right to reject any return request at its sole discretion. Where Ingram Micro agrees to take back any non-faulty returns it reserves the right to impose a restocking fee at it's discretion.

  • No Fault Products

A 'no fault' product ('No Fault Product') is a Product returned by the Customer to Ingram Micro in circumstances where the return is not due to the fault of Ingram Micro or any fault with the Product. (See also Faulty Returns Procedure on Techlink).

  • Product sold on a "No Returns Basis"
  1. Ingram Micro is entitled to supply certain Products on a "No Returns Basis".
  2. The expression 'No Returns Basis' means that Ingram Micro will not accept returns on No Fault Products.
  3. The Customer should refer to the Ingram Micro electronic product catalogue available on Techlink for details of products which are sold on a 'No Returns Basis'.
  4. To the extent permitted by law, Ingram Micro reserves the right to apply the No Returns Basis policy to any promotional or sales product (s) as it deems necessary. Ingram Micro will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure such products are clearly advertised and promoted as being sold only on a No Returns Basis.
  • Discontinued Products

Ingram Micro will, under instruction from its vendors, discontinue some products from time to time. Customers' right to return these discontinued products may be restricted. 

  • Returns Procedure
  1. Customer must supply:
    1. Ingram Micro Account Number
    2. Ingram Micro Invoice Number
    3. Ingram Micro Product Code
    4. Quantity of the product(s) that needs to be returned
    5. Serial Number for each product that needs to be returned
  2. Once the Returns Representative has identified the Product for the return, the Customer will be issued with an RA number. This number must be used in all correspondence relating to the product.

All products returned for credit must be in a pristine and unopened condition with all seals intact. All inward freight will be the responsibility of the customer. Ingram Micro will not cover the cost of freight on returned products and will not accept responsibility for any damage or loss suffered by the customer.


Faulty returns Procedure


  • Faulty Products

A 'faulty' product is a Product returned by the customer to Ingram Micro or vendor that failed to operate in accordance with its functional specifications.

  • Dead on Arrival Products

A 'DOA' (Dead on Arrival) product is a faulty Product that failed in the early life of usage or out of box. The DOA period for each Product will vary based on vendor policies, and commonly ranges from 7 to 30 days.

  • Warranty Products

A 'Warranty' product is a faulty product that failed within the warranty period. The warranty period for each Product will vary based on vendor policies.

  • Returns Procedure
  1. Not all faulty returns are handled by Ingram Micro. Please click here to find out more information.
  2. Customer must supply:
    1. Ingram Micro Account Number
    2. Ingram Micro Invoice Number
    3. Ingram Micro Product Code
    4. Quantity of the product(s) that needs to be returned
    5. Serial number for each product that needs to be returned
    6. Fault details for each product that needs to be returned
    7. End user's Proof of Purchase for each product that needs to be returned
    8. Vendor's pre-authorisation number if applicable
  3. Under vendor's instructions, Ingram Micro will issue a credit, replacement or repair for the return of faulty products. Replacement or repair returns may result in delays due to vendor processing lead times and Ingram Micro stock availability.
  4. In the event the Customer fails to advise the end user, the Customer will indemnify Ingram Micro for any expenses incurred in servicing any warranty claim relating to the misuse of the product or hard disk failure
  5. Any physical damage incurred on the faulty product due to the misuse of the product will void the warranty and is the Customer's responsibility.
  6. The Customer should provide the correct and exact fault details which Ingram Micro can advise to the Vendor for testing purpose. Any no fault found charges from the Vendor will be at the Customer's expense.
  7. For Bonus products, Ingram Micro will only provide a replacement. If the product is discontinued or obsoleted, the warranty will be handled by Ingram Micro on case by case basis.
  8. If Ingram Micro approves an RA for return under warranty, the Customer is responsible for freight to the Sydney Distribution Centre. Ingram Micro will be responsible for return freight of the product as soon as it has been exchanged, for replacement or repair returns only.

All faulty products must be returned as a complete set which includes all the components that were supplied originally, eg. Cables, CD and Power Adaptors, and also, with the original packaging.